4 Modern Decorating Ideas for the Holidays

Photo of Christmas pastel decorations in a studio

For decades, homeowners have covered their homes in the same two colors during the last month of the year. Greenery has long been used as the base color, with bold splashes of red to provide contrast. Colors like gold, silver, and white often creep in, but green and red almost always predominate.

In recent years, however, people have begun questioning those traditions, moving toward new ways of decorating the home for the holiday season. Instead of throwing up a green tree with the same decorations everyone uses, homeowners can find unique ways to celebrate the season. Here are some contemporary decorating ideas to try this year.

Create a Winter Wonderland

Over the years, snow has become closely linked with holiday images. Blanketing your home in white can create a peaceful, winter-like glow that will be more celebratory than red and green ever could. If your family uses an artificial tree, consider exchanging the tried-and-true green with a stark white tree. For those who prefer real trees, a snow-flocked tree can create a similar effect. Top the tree off with white and silver ornaments and white lights and the result will be a glow that will give your home warmth throughout the season.

Go Homemade

Anyone can go to a department store and fill a cart with Christmas decorations. Instead consider creating your own decorations this year. You’ll find they’re much more charming than store-bought items ever could be and you’ll have the fun of crafting together as a family. If you aren’t the arts and crafts type or you simply don’t have time, visit a local craft fair or shop Christmas decorations on Etsy. You’ll be supporting talented crafters while filling your home with one-of-a-kind decorations.

Make It a Golden Year

Gold has become an increasingly popular color for the holiday season, whether through ornaments, or decorations throughout the house. Gold decorations have a classy appeal while still being festive. They also go well with greenery, especially when that greenery is trimmed with white lights. If you choose gold for your tree, keep it simple by using white lights and white or cream trim. Use gold candleholders and trim to cover surfaces like fireplace mantels and tabletops and find a gold centerpiece for your dining room table.

Lose the Tree

Although Christmas trees are Christmas staples, some homeowners have learned that they can decorate for the holidays without the tree. Whether you’re living in a small space that doesn’t allow room for a tree or you simply want to skip the hassle of purchasing, setting up, and discarding or storing a tree, there are creative ways to decorate without it. You could decorate an existing plant, use wall decals, or create Christmas trees out of other objects.

Traditional Christmas decorations are only the beginning. With a little creativity, homeowners can push themselves to create a unique holiday look that will be both classy and festive. Even if you already have boxes full of decorations, you can add to your traditional décor with a few touches that will elevate your holiday look to a new level.