Fun Ways to Spice Up Your Table for Thanksgiving Dinner

Photo of pumpkins and candle on a wooden table

Across the country, households are preparing for one of the biggest holidays of the year. Thanksgiving revolves around one big meal, whether that meal is for only a couple of people or an entire extended family. In addition to purchasing food for the big feast, families also spend time decorating their homes to show off their holiday spirit.

Since much of Thanksgiving takes place at the table, this is usually the focal point of a homeowner’s Thanksgiving preparations. From the plates they choose to the placemats beneath them, homeowners can improve the meal by making things much more festive. Here are a few things you can do to make your dinner table a little more festive for the holiday.

Nature’s Centerpieces

You don’t have to spend a fortune to create a winning Thanksgiving centerpiece. You can use fresh flowers or items found in your grocery store’s produce section to create a beautiful centerpiece. Instead of spending a great deal of money on decorations you’ll merely have to store until next year, your centerpiece will be both affordable and perishable. Most importantly, the fact that you did it yourself will be a real conversation starter during the meal.

Fun Place Cards

Normally reserved for fancy shindigs, place cards serve a very valuable purpose. They let dinner hosts designate seating for guests to make events go more smoothly. While most family dinners don’t need that level of organization, place cards can be fun, especially if children are involved. You can purchase premade Thanksgiving-themed place card holders or make your own using basic craft items. For even more fun, use blank place cards and have your child guests decorate them and fill in the names on Thanksgiving morning.

Cover the Table

Tablecloths are a great way to protect the table beneath and make cleanup easy. Disposable tablecloths can be tossed in the garbage at the end of the day and washable tablecloths can go straight to the laundry room. Homeowners can choose from plain tablecloths and use Thanksgiving-themed accents or go all out on a Thanksgiving-themed tablecloth and matching accessories. Table runners can be a classier alternative, whether paired with a tablecloth or used directly on the table.

Thanksgiving Dinnerware

If each year, one of your biggest hosting opportunities is Thanksgiving, it might be worth it to invest in Thanksgiving-themed dinnerware. You can purchase plates, platters, and napkin rings that bring your Thanksgiving dinner to life. Turkey-themed platters that are the perfect size to hold your turkey are available in abundance, but you may have difficulty packing your dishware until next Thanksgiving. Instead, it might be better to use your regular dinnerware and decorate around it.

Thanksgiving provides an opportunity to spend time with family and reflect on all of the great things in life. By sprucing up your dinner table with a few festive decorations, you can create a fun atmosphere that will make the holiday one to remember. With a little creativity, you may even be able to use natural items that save money and create a unique look.